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Dangers of Sit-Ups and Why It May Not Be the Exercise You Need

Sit Up and Take Notice: Dangers of Sit-Ups and Why It May Not Be the Exercise You Need

Your workout should be rewarding and something that you look forward to. Not to say that it isn't hard work and exhausting, but it definitely shouldn't be something that injures you or leaves you feeling uncomfortable for days. Of course, there are the long-term goals of having a good-looking body and increased strength and with dedication and good effort, those should be attainable. Unfortunately, the road to those riches are not the same one that your father took. There are a different set of standards and objectives for modern-day exercise enthusiasts and the ever-present sit-ups are slipping out of those standards with more and more research these days. Let's examine the aim, hazards, and alternatives for sit-ups.


What Are You Doing This For?

There are a few main reasons why people do sit-ups:

  1. Stronger core muscles.
  2. Weight loss in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Increase tone in the abdomen and get ripped.


All of these are valid desires. Strengthening core muscles may be the most important of the three. Without a strong abdomen and back muscles, effective exercise is pretty much impossible. If your are continually injured after a workouts that consist of sit-ups and in need of pain relief, there may be a better for achieving your goal. Worse yet, sit-ups may be causing you more trouble than good. If the changes that you are looking for are drastic or subtle, it is important that you arrive at those ends in the optimal mindset and body fitness.


What Am I Really Doing To Myself?

Recent research shows that sit-ups are not what we thought they were. The dangers are steadily outnumbering the benefits as more studies are conducted around the best ways of losing belly fat for toner abdomen muscles. The core muscles' main function is to stabilize the body and brace the body against twisting. Sit-ups main target are those core muscles, yet the physical demand of the exercise on those muscles, forcing them do the opposite of their purpose. Aside from the unnatural movements demanded of the body for sit-ups, there is true potential to seriously injure yourself. The proclivity to crane your neck, curl your shoulders, and bend your spine leads to a great deal of stress on your back, your lower back, in particular. As alluded to in the previous section, injured backs usually lead to inactivity, great discomfort, and a halt in your workout schedule.  


What Else Can I Do Instead of Sit-Ups?

If you are of the school of weightlifting, running, and cross-training, then maybe you are due for some new experiences when it comes to your workout. Yoga, is a great way to increase strength, tone, and flexibility. If you are unfamiliar with yoga and not willing to go to classes, there are simpler introduction poses that will help to get familiar with yoga as a practice and build up your core muscles in the process. Here is a more accessible option, the 14-Day Plank Challenge, which is excellent if you are looking to build your core muscles in a way that won’t pull and tweak other muscles like sit-ups do.

If you are looking for drastic changes to your torso and conventional exercise and diet aren’t yielding the desired results, you may want to explore abdominal liposuction that will push you over the hump (no pun intended) to getting the abs that you are shooting for. Of course, you will get best results from any body contouring procedures with a dedicated approach to exercise and diet. It may be time to change your old habits, sit up and take notice that there are other ways to look the way you always wanted.  

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