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Hair Restoration Makes You look More Successful and Confident

A New Study Shows Hair Restoration Benefits More than the Head on Your Shoulders


A recent study conducted buy the JAMA Network Journals answered the question we’ve all asked. Does having a full head of hair make you more attractive and confident? In the study, they surveyed 122 people who reviewed 13 pairs of test subjects photos, some of which having had a hair restoration or hair transplant procedure, and others not. The survey group was then asked to provide their response on a scale of 1-100 (anything over 50 was a positive score) regarding their perception of the test subjects. The results? The survey group found men who had a hair transplant procedure were seen as younger by 3.5 years, more attractive, assumed to be more successful, and are seen as more approachable. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out been younger, more successful, attractive and more approachable can only benefit you in your professional and romantic life.

If your one of the millions of men who have thought about having a hair restoration procedure, we can help. Cosmetic Surgery Centers for Men offers the latest and most advanced techniques in Hair Restoration with SmartGraft® F.U.E. (Follicle Unit Extraction). This technology offers minimal down time and can be performed in a single visit.

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