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It’s Not Just Your Grandma’s Problem: Varicose Veins Prevention Tips

Most people think of varicose veins being an old lady problem, but the fact of the matter is men can suffer from them as well. It has more to do with genetics rather than being a gender-based issue. That being said, there are things that men can do, eat, and wear to minimize or even get rid of your varicose veins.

Some of the main causes of varicose veins are: standing or sitting in one position for long stretches of time day after day, being overweight, high-sodium diets, and lack of exercise. As you can imagine, varicose veins will form due to poor circulation and can result in ulcers and blood clots if left untreated.

So, in order to cut down on the chances of developing varicose veins, eating a well-balanced diet that is low in sodium and promotes healthy blood flow and circulation will help immensely. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B-12 or taking daily Vitamin supplements B-12, Folate, and Iron will help to increase oxygen levels and assist in blood flow and circulation. When we talk about high-sodium foods, some of the usual suspects to stay clear of are: restaurant food, frozen prepared foods, and anything that is overly salty (potato chips, pretzels, etc.).

Exercise is key to staying clear of varicose veins because staying active gets your blood pumping allowing your veins function properly so there is even distribution throughout your body. Depending on your level of fitness, you may not have to pump iron or run miles every day to keep varicose veins away. Instead walking regularly and moving around the office and working from different positions each day will help to regulate the flow of blood and keep those varicose veins from appearing.    

Another habit you can adopt to keep your legs varicose-free, is wearing compression socks. If you have a job in retail or in a factory where you stay on your feet all day, infrequently varying positions, donning a pair of compression socks will help regulate blood flow.

Even if you are following a healthy diet, exercising, and wearing compression socks, you still may want to take action on your varicose veins right away. Varicose vein removal procedures are minimally invasive in-office treatments that require minimum downtime. The important thing to remember about varicose veins is that it something that comes about due to lifestyle. So, if you are looking to fix the problem you are going to have to be dedicated to improving your way of life.