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Hair Transplants for Men

with SmartGraft®

Cosmetic Surgery Centers for Men offers a great solution for those with thinning hair. 

SmartGraft® Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology is the latest and most advanced process for hair restoration on the market today. Our highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeons and SmartGraft® technologies can deliver a procedure that is minimally invasive, with faster recovery time and the most naturally looking results available. 

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Get back that thick head of hair and gain the confidence you deserve!

SmartGraft® Hair Transplant Procedures

Modern advancements in hair restoration make it easier than ever to have a full head of hair. We are proud to offer one of the most effective and natural looking procedures on the market today, with SmartGraft®. This process allows for minimal down time and can be performed in a single visit. SmartGraft® uses your real hair, but unlike other out-of-date procedures, SmartGraft® doesn’t leave large line scars across the back of your head.

When it comes to follicular unit extraction (FUE) technologies available today, SmartGraft® can be done quicker and more efficiently than other solutions. 

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