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Why More Males are Getting Plastic Surgery


Our society places a high value on looking good, young, and staying fit. Today, men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting cosmetic surgery to increase their confidence.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there’s been nearly a 20 percent increase in male cosmetic surgery since 2010.  While there any many reasons why men choose to get cosmetic surgery, we highlight a few below.

Dating or Maintaining a Relationship

Keeping up in the dating world can be strenuous on your confidence and your body. Men get cosmetic surgery to maintain their confidence and looks while pursuing that special someone, or just having fun in the dating world.

It is also important to keep up those looks while maintaining a relationship. You want to make sure your partner finds you physically and sexually attractive over time.

To keep your look in check you have a variety of non-surgical and surgical options to choose from. Anything from botox and fillers to Liposuction and Laser Hair Removal. Keep that body looking good and attract the perfect mate!

After Weight Loss

After losing weight you may end up with a bit of loose skin, or just a stubborn area that the bit of fat just won’t go away. It can be damaging to your confidence if these things hang around. Many men have taken that extra step and getting a procedure to take care of it.

Areas of concern for that extra stubborn fat are typically the chest, love handles, and the belly. 40% of all breast reduction surgeries are performed on men, usually due to Gynecomastia, which is something you may not be able to prevent. Getting rid of the man boobs, stubborn fat or that little extra skin around key areas can be a huge confidence booster!

Keeping Up in the Business World

Since our society places a high value on looks as well as skills, it is important to keep up on both. You can easily advance in your career if you have the skillset and the looks to go along with it. Sometimes looks are the main focus of a job, such as a male model, television personality or a salesman who works face to face.

It could get hard to maintain your look over time and you may need a little bit of help. That is no problem at all, we all need some help sometimes, especially for those stubborn fatty areas under the chin, around the chest and around your midsection. Keep the confidence up by taking care of these problems early. If you need some help there are a variety of non-surgical and surgical procedures to help you maintain your look!

Sexual Enhancement

We all want to keep our partner or partners satisfied sexually, but sometime nature didn’t grant us the tools we need or time has taken it’s toll a bit. For some they have the tool they need, but need to clean up the user a bit; get rid of the man boobs, the stubborn fat around the midsection or the fat above their tool. For others, the user is good to go, but the tool needs some enhancement.

There are plenty of options! Non-surgical and surgical procedures are available for men to get rid of the stubborn fat and man boobs, clean up the rest of their look and more. For the ones who need some help with the tool, we have The Enhancement Procedure, a longer lasting, minimally evasive procedure that can be performed in under an hour. The procedure does not only add length to a man, but girth as well*.

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Always consult your doctor or physician before starting any diet or workout regiment, especially after undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure.

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